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Public festival

Bible Festival

  • 3,000 guests
  • 5 food trucks
  • 1 sand artist
  • 50 workshops
  • 250 m2 of carpet
  • 40 hand-held radios

Free festival for children

Every year, the Dutch Bible Society or NBG organises a free Bible Festival that revolves entirely around the Bible, specially intended for children and their parents/caretakers. To accommodate this inspiring event, DeFabrique set up its grounds in such a way that all of the festival’s spaces were interconnected, and the 3,000 visitors were free to fan out across the entire venue.

About the Dutch Bible Society

The Dutch Bible Society or NBG brings people closer to the Bible by translating the Word and disseminating it both within the Netherlands and abroad.

Reading and experiencing together

This edition of NBG’s Bible Festival was all about the so-called ‘Samenleesbijbel’ or ‘Bible to be read together’, a family-friendly version of the Bible that encourages parents and children to read the Word of God together. The various spaces at our venue offered a range of activities and workshops. For example, the children made music together and completed a Bible Quiz, and the parents attended lectures about Biblical child-rearing and the use of the Bible within the family.

In finding DeFabrique, we have found a partner who collaborates with us and anticipates our needs to such an extent that we were able to focus fully on connecting with our supporters and realising our objectives throughout the festival. Organising an event at DeFabrique is a true joy, both on the day of the event and during the preparations.
Johan Wijnhorst (Manager of Relations & Events for NBG)
Johan Wijnhorst (Manager of Relations & Events for NBG)

If you want more information about this event or if you are looking to organise your own event, please feel free to contact us.

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Sand art and music

Theatre company Aluin and well-known artists such as Sela and Elly & Rikkert moved the guests, as did sand artist Gert van der Vijver who used his sand art combined with a light box to bring various stories from the Bible to life. His show was so popular that an additional performance was added in!

Carmen Meems
Martin Bogaerds