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Business relation event


  • 400 guests
  • 5 mobile scaffolding
  • 400 gin tonics
  • 1 BBQ smoker
  • 1 violinist
  • 4 dancers
  • 1 set of aircraft stairs

Extra special anniversary edition

DeFabrique was the backdrop for a well-attended Marktlink business relation event, which was even more special this year due to it being Marktlink’s 20-year anniversary. Over 300 of their business relations enjoyed delicious bites, DIY cocktails, lofty entertainment, an inspiring presentation by Joost Rigter, who is almost fully blind, and Humberto Tan, who served as chairman for the day and discussed current trends in corporate acquisition with four guests in a talkshow-like setting.


Marktlink Fusies & Overnames consults on the sale and acquisition of companies. The company was founded in 1996 and operates nation-wide out of its branch offices in Amsterdam, Deventer, Gouda and 's-Hertogenbosch.

Blind faith

Joost Rigter lost his sight when he was 26 years old; a rare disease robbed him of most of his vision over a 10-year period. And yet, life is no less beautiful now, he attested in his inspiring lecture on change. It was a topic that aligned perfectly with Marktlink’s programme, as the company has been dealing with one of the most impactful processes of change in the corporate world for twenty years now. The guests got to experience what it is like to be blind by wearing eye masks. ‘I heartily recommend it,’ says account manager Carmen Meems.

DeFabrique is an amazing venue with many different facets. They collaborated with us in a creative, enterprising, professional manner and helped us turn our 20-year anniversary into our best event yet.
Ferry Nahon (Corporate acquisition specialist with Marktlink)
Ferry Nahon (Corporate acquisition specialist with Marktlink)

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Spectacular entertainment

Apart from Humberto Tan’s late night show-esque presentation, the programme included spectacular entertainment in DeFabrique’s most impressive venue, the Copra Warehouse. Dancers worked their magic on swings suspended from the roof of the former coconut storage space. A violinist provided musical relief, and butcher Bas stole the show with his huge BBQ smoker, which had been placed on a stage for the occasion. The attendees toasted to 20 years of Marktlink with Gin Tonics that they prepared themselves. It was an unforgettable day!

Carmen Meems
Niels Roseboom
Robin Arlar