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Retail & Brands

  • 600 guests
  • 1 ball pit
  • 22 Persian rugs
  • 1 champagne girl
  • 2 countdown clocks
  • 400 ice lollies
  • 1 photo booth

The retail world is changing

From RetailRookies to Alibaba and from Picnic to IKEA; there was plenty of inspiration to be found at the Retail & Brands Festival. Over 600 festival-goers attended the first edition on 8 September 2016.

Over 30 speakers inspired the many guests from the retail & brands industry with their knowledge of the changing retail market. Retailers are becoming brands, and brands are becoming retailers; this is an exciting time during which the boundaries are fading. Where do the real opportunities lie these days?

About RetailTrends Media & CuriousYou

CuriousYou specialises in improving companies or elements thereof. Publisher Retailtrends Media provides people in the retail industry with the latest news every single day.

Inspiring trends in a festival format

Consumers are no longer satisfied with traditional retailers, so any event regarding the latest retail trends needs to set the right example. No being locked in a stuffy auditorium all day! Instead, a festival on former factory grounds hits the spot. The festival featured sessions in various characteristic spaces, a catering plaza with a photo booth and ice lollies, and plenty of space to network with fellow industry members. This successful first edition that attracted over 600 festival-goers has left everyone wanting more!

From Dream to Festival in 9 months - a great challenge, which we took on with the DeFabrique team. And what an amazing ride it has been! It is always a bit nerve-wracking doing something like this for the first time, but our expectations have been exceeded by far. We are looking forward to the next edition, which will once again involve DeFabrique; this was the first, but certainly not last instance of us working together!
Linda Eriksen (Managing Partner at CuriousYou)
Linda Eriksen (Managing Partner at CuriousYou)

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Bright future

The retail industry is changing, and getting involved at the right time can help you ensure a bright future for yourself. This philosophy was reinforced on the day of the event by the bright, beautiful weather, which allowed the festival atmosphere to really come into its own. The rolling lunch and drinks event both took place in the warm September sunshine, and our Hydropower Towers were a great hit with the attendees.

Margriet Verweij
Iris Knuvers
Martin Bogaerds