10 trends in corporate events

DeFabrique likes to distinguish itself from other events venues by staying up to date on recent innovations and implementing them whenever possible. Moreover, we also like to keep you up to date as well! Here are 10 current trends in corporate events.

1. Virtual activities

Two words: Pokémon Go. This game has been a regular feature since the summer. Consumers feel a need for virtual check-ins and want to be able to track their score by the minute. These are elements that you can make the most of during your event, for example by using beacons.

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2. Crowd streaming

Facebook Live allows you to report live on your event for 90-minute timespans using your smartphone; think of a video of your opening ceremony, keynote presentation, or interviews with visitors. This content will be given priority over other content in your users’ timelines, meaning that plenty of attention for your event is guaranteed! You can also utilise this type of crowd streaming to activate your audience. After all, they might be able to report on your event much better than you! A very effective form of word-of-mouth advertising.

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3. Personal promotion

Personalisation is not really a recent trend in and of itself, but the use thereof in events certainly is! You can address the interests of your visitors by way of beacons and online surveys and use that information to adjust what you are offering during the event. For example, how about a VIP invite for a subs session during the event, or a discount voucher for a particular product that is for sale at your event! If you do not use big data, you will soon find yourself lagging behind; so invest in big data!

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4. Personal marketing

You can save a lot on marketing by analysing big data and approaching your audience in a more personal matter. Facebook is an excellent way to do this, because it allows you to really target users’ interests and use a conversion pixel to check who has visited your website recently. Adapting your marketing message to your audience and creating personal landing pages results in the highest chance of conversion.

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5. Personal registration

The current event software is detailed enough to allow you to adapt registration options based on the type of visitor. You can also adapt discount campaigns, activities, and programmes based on the type of visitor and their history of activities.

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6. Emotional approach

Emotional intelligence has been receiving more and more attention in the corporate world, including during corporate events. Subjects such as mindfulness, soft skills, and consensus management are hot topics these days. One easy way of responding to this trend is by setting up a special room for guests to have a moment to themselves, no shoes and no Wi-Fi allowed.

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7. Let your visitors take the wheel

Give your visitors the opportunity to improve their event experience by compiling their own programme and making networking suggestions based on their registration info. This ensures that people are able to make worthwhile use of their day and maximises your chance of a positive review.

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8. Smart emails

One-size-fits-all mailings are no longer o people’s tastes; people have become used to personalised mailings. On the other hand, offers based on previously shown (purchasing) behaviour are extremely effective. With the right triggers, such as eye-catching buttons and smart texts, you can increase the conversion on your ticket sales and immediately track your (potential) visitor’s other activity on the web.

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9. More active marketing throughout the year

Because social media sites like Facebook are limiting the reach of companies more and more, it is important for you to be properly visible on other channels as well. Say a blog writes a piece on your company or one of its products; ask whether they would be willing to link to your company website. Soon, such digital word-of-mouth advertising will be the only way to draw visitors towards your events in an organic manner. Therefore, invest in following influential people in your industry, receiving push alerts in the event of any mentions, maintaining contact with visitors from past editions, and creating an online community.

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10. More informal sessions

Visitors feel a greater need for informal sessions these days, with the audience and the speakers on a more equal footing. These kinds of sessions represents unique learning moments for the audience, because it allows for much more targeted questions and answers. Due to the fact that there is more interaction with the audience, people’s attention spans last longer and the shared information is retained for longer.

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Personalisation through the use of big data is becoming increasingly important for events organisers, and because companies use more personalised marketing these days, visitors start to expect more personalisation in general. Guests like for you to know them inside and out, so that you are able to provide them with the right information at the right time.

Are you ready to implement these 10 recent trends? We would love to collaborate with you on how to use smart technology to make the most of your event!