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Annual kick-off event

Coca-Cola European Partners

  • 750 guests
  • 1 Coca-Cola Christmas Truck
  • 10 special kitchens
  • 800 bottle openers
  • 1 magician
  • 32 ice buckets
  • 80 m2 of red carpet
  • 600 paper cones of fries

Kick-off in Christmas spirit

At the end of the year, the whole of the Netherlands cannot help but smile at Coca-Cola’s festive commercial featuring their well-known Christmas Truck. At the same time, Coca-Cola European Partners kicks off the New Year with an annual kick-off meeting for the staff. Naturally, the famous Coca-Cola truck had to be a part of this staff event as well.

About Coca-Cola European Partners

Coca-Cola European Partners produces, distributes, and sells products by brands such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Nestea.

Share happiness

Provide a warm welcome to over 700 guests and get them fired up for propagating the company’s marketing message throughout the coming year; that was Coca-Cola European Partners’ objective. With a unique arena full of entertainment, a large number of stations serving unique dishes, Christmas trees up in the chandeliers, and the famous Coca-Cola Christmas truck out by the entrance, this mission was a definite success. The new payoff, ‘Share happiness’, was imbued with deeper meaning during this kick-off event.

During our first visit to DeFabrique, a dedicated Coca-Cola corner had been set up. It was great to see how much effort had been made for our sake! All of our requests throughout the preparatory stage were processed or set in motion immediately, and we received very clear, speedy feedback. Our last-minute requests on the day of the event itself were also granted immediately. Everyone, from the sales manager to the event manager, responded to and anticipated our needs to a T. What a great team!
Bianca Winterswijk (Executive Assistant with Coca-Cola)
Bianca Winterswijk (Executive Assistant with Coca-Cola)

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Sticky Chicken and PPPasta

Throughout the day, all of Coca-Cola’s employees were kept happy with original bites and, naturally, plenty of Coca-Cola. To be able to serve over 700 guests at once, our props partner Jan Verhuur installed a number of bright mini kitchens. Guests could turn to PPPasta for delicious fresh pasta, to Meatlove for mini meatballs, and to ‘Hennetje de voorste’ (loosely translates to ‘Cock of the walk’) for roast chicken.

Esther Veenendaal
Coca-Cola European Partners
Martin Bogaerds