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Mission & Vision

Why choose DeFabrique?

The factories of the twentieth century are like the cathedrals of the early medieval period: historical milestones and shining examples to many. The industrial revolution brought us amazing progress. This urge to innovate and the corresponding industrial heritage inspires us to this day to create just as much impact.

We aim to enrich people’s lives and believe that our industrial heritage allows us to do so. Industrial heritage leaves an indelible impression; it makes any experience more memorable.

As soon as we round the corner of the Van Eckstraat and spot the first rays of sunshine across the robust features of the old mixed feed factory on the ‘Kalverstraat’, one thing becomes clear: this is a venue with unlimited possibilities.
This is DeFabrique. Exciting, Memorable, Unique.

DeFabrique organises and facilitates events in its characteristic mixed feed factory, which has been repurposed into a modern events venue.

After a visit to DeFabrique, guests feel as though they have experienced, seen, and tasted something that they want to share with the world.

Our team reinvents itself every single day and thrives on repurposing spaces, reusing materials, creating a characteristic atmosphere, and surprising people.

DeFabrique’s key points

  • Sustainable repurposing of industrial heritage.
  • Providing opportunities for employment and development.
  • Continuity in terms of quality, passion, and working atmosphere.
  • A focus on innovation.
Building - Hook - Close-Up

Our vision

Constantly on the move
DeFabrique anticipates new chances. Because we are continuously innovating our products and services, we always remain relevant to our clients, suppliers, and employees.

No-nonsense advice
More than ever, our clients require reliable, no-nonsense advice when organising high-quality events. DeFabrique makes optimal use of its knowledge and experience every single day to help event organisers get the maximum possible return on investment out of their events.

When working with DeFabrique, our clients can expect that we will show initiative, take responsibility, and provide recommendations regarding the concept, preparation, production, and execution of the event.

Experience is first and foremost
The constantly increasing role played by technology has changed guests’ experiences forever. DeFabrique closely follows any innovations to ensure that events always have the cream of the crop in terms of technology, such as sustainable LED lighting and live streaming.

Proud family business
DeFabrique is proud to be a family business working for current and future generations. This is the philosophy behind our long-term strategy and sustainable outlook.

DeFabrique’s values

  • Honest and reliable. We make good on our promises.
  • We have come to where we are today by working as a team.
  • Hospitable. Our motto: Treat your guests the way you would want to be treated.
  • Safe. We keep a close eye on our employees’ and guests’ safety.