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We are very proud of the more than 300 events we organize at DeFabrique each year. Below is a list of some of the most memorable ones. Get inspired!
Cases 17/11/18

Company party

Calco 2018

Tonight, 600 IT-professionals explored the wonderous world of showbiz. The annual company party of this…

Cases 02/11/18
ccenture Innovation Summit

Conference and award show

Accenture Innovation Summit

Accenture trusts in innovation. It is a key to success and an essential part of…

Cases 07/09/18



The green, orange and white coloured construction shed could be seen from kilometers away: today…

Cases 05/01/18
DeFabrique Winterfeest - bedrijfsfeest - locatie utrecht - personeelsfeest - personeelsuitje - feest - feestlocatie -

Company party

New Year’s Eve winter party for the DeFabrique team

How else to thank your employees for their continued commitment than by throwing a sensational…

Cases 06/12/17


Dell EMC Forum

The international Dell EMC Forum is organised in several countries using the same format, and…

Cases 18/11/17

Company party


Nearly 500 of Calco’s IT professionals walked the red carpet during the Calcoparade, dressed in…

Cases 27/10/17

Conference featuring awards ceremony

2017 Accenture Innovation Awards

The slogan for the 2017 Accenture Innovation Awards was ‘To lead in the new, you…

Cases 12/10/17


GX Connect

Personal digital communication must be put on the map, which is why over 500 digital…

Cases 08/10/17


Mitra Specialty Liquor Stores

We didn’t know quite where to look, listen, and direct our tasting glasses during the…

Cases 06/10/17

Company party

Alfa Accountants en Adviseurs

Alfa Accountants en Adviseurs has been around for 75 years now, and as such, a…

Cases 05/10/17



Blue and pink cotton candy added a sweet touch to the sixth edition of Sophos…

Cases 19/09/17

Conference’s blue carpet was rolled out at DeFabrique once again this year. During this busy…

Cases 04/09/17



MasterPeace organised its Great Minds Meeting at DeFabrique a second time around. This conference about…

Cases 29/06/17
Van Lanschot

Company party

van Lanschot

Chefs on stage, a Vegan Park, food trucks serving finger food, a secret gin bar,…

Cases 19/06/17

Annual Conference

Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

You cannot truly know the effect of something until you have experienced it yourself; that…

Cases 28/05/17



Sunshine and temperatures of around twenty-six degrees Celsius welcomed over 1,500 visitors to the second…

Cases 05/04/17


The Dutch Municipal Quality Institute

What kind of venue would make 1,400 public service officials that are part of the…

Cases 10/02/17


2016 Golden Giraffe

The annual awards ceremony for the event marketing awards, the Golden Giraffe, was held at…

Cases 04/02/17

Company party

DV&O 20-year anniversary

The Transport & Support Service, DV&O in Dutch, has been around for 20 years now,…

Cases 07/01/17
Iv Groep

New Year's party


Each year, Iv-Groep organises a New Year’s party for its staff, their families, and their…

Cases 10/11/16

2016 Finance Transformation annual conference

Alex van Groningen

Once again, training institute Alex van Groningen chose DeFabrique as the site for their annual…

Cases 04/11/16

Conference & Fair

KNGF Day of the Physical Therapist

Once again, the Dutch Royal Physical Therapy Association or KNGF organised the Day of the…

Cases 06/10/16
Marktlink 2016

Business relation event


DeFabrique was the backdrop for a well-attended Marktlink business relation event, which was even more…

Cases 03/10/16


Kruitbosch Bike Event

Bicycle specialists from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany marvelled at the 2017 range of bicycles…

Cases 20/09/16

Entrepreneurs' meeting


The entrepreneurs aligned with Profile Car & Tyreservice – specialising in tyres, rims, and car…

Cases 12/09/16

Sales event


Twice a year, Samsung presents its new range to the buyers of various electronics stores.…

Cases 08/09/16


Retail & Brands

From RetailRookies to Alibaba and from Picnic to IKEA; there was plenty of inspiration to…

Cases 23/08/16
CDA Partijcongres

Party conference


This spring, the CDA party members officially elected Sybrand Buma to be their public face…

Cases 22/06/16



VvAA organised a quality conference on 22 June 2016. In accordance with the theme, ‘At…

Cases 27/05/16

Conference & Fair Binck Beleggersdag


The Binck Beleggersdag or investors’ day is a unique event for investors, featuring very special…

Cases 21/05/16
Ceremoniemeester - Timing

Timing company party


Events agency De Ceremoniemeester turned this year’s installment of temporary employment agency Timing’s company party…

Cases 12/05/16

HOMIJ staff event

D&B Eventmarketing

HOMIJ Technische Installaties has designed, realised, and maintained technical installations in the grandest of buildings…

Cases 13/04/16
HOEZO - Ministerie van Onderwijs


The Inspectorate of Education

Students, teachers, management, school administrators, other teaching professionals, policy makers and inspectors engaged in dialogue…

Cases 07/04/16
Lean Consultancy Group - Dutch Venue Assocaition


Lean Consultancy Group

Customers’ needs have never changed so often, nor so rapidly. Due to technological changes, information…

Cases 07/03/16

Promotion festival & fair


Every year, programmers, agents, and event managers take their pick of a large range of…

Cases 12/02/16

Public festival


The first indoor edition of techno festival SOENDA at DeFabrique was completely sold out well…

Cases 10/02/16
Digital Transformation

EMC Digital Transformation Conference

LEF marketing & events

LEF marketing & events specialises in events for national and international IT companies. During the…

Cases 03/02/16

Spring Fair


With no fewer than 164 stands and an hourly peak load of 980,000 Watt, the…

Cases 03/12/15

Annual kick-off event

Coca-Cola European Partners

At the end of the year, the whole of the Netherlands cannot help but smile…

Cases 28/11/15

Party conference


During the SP’s 21st party conference, party leader Jan Marijnissen officially said his farewells, and…

Cases 24/10/15

Public festival

Bible Festival

Every year, the Dutch Bible Society or NBG organises a free Bible Festival that revolves…

Cases 10/10/15

Anniversary party

DHL Express

Logistics business DHL and its characteristic red and yellow packages have been around for 40…