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Timing company party


  • 550 guests
  • 8 food trucks
  • 1,000 cocktails
  • 2 Fabulous Shakerboys
  • 1 Lunapark
  • 400 Scottish Highland burgers
  • 5 freerunners

Intimate festival

Events agency De Ceremoniemeester turned this year’s installment of temporary employment agency Timing’s company party into an intimate festival. Food trucks served delicious snacks, psychics walking around the event predicted people’s futures, and on the stage, musical acts such as Wolter Kroes, The Young Beethoven, Nathalie Makoma and Shermanology took turns entertaining the crowds.

About Timing

Temporary employment agency Timing believes in the strength of people who take action! And for good reason, as they have been specialising in executive work at every level for 25 years now, in the manufacturing, administrative, cleaning, logistics, healthcare, call centre, governmental, and commercial industries.

Plenty of entertainment

Pim Lombarts with events agency De Ceremoniemeester knows how to throw a party! With his varied entertainment offering, he is able to provide a little something for everyone; how about a Haka (the traditional ceremonial dance of New Zealand) workshop, a portrait by an aura photographer, dancing in the silent disco, or completing a hover board or segway course? Anything is possible!

This event was one of the highlights in the longstanding relationship between DeFabrique and events agency De Ceremoniemeester. We love bringing our business relations here, because the DeFabrique team always thinks in terms of solutions, has a no-nonsense approach, and always honours its promises. These might seem like obvious things, but they are far from ubiquitous!
Pim Lombarts (owner of events agency De Ceremoniemeester)
Pim Lombarts (owner of events agency De Ceremoniemeester)

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A festival vibe

Cosy fires flickered outside amongst the food trucks and bistro sets. The food offering was highly varied as well, ranging from tacos to chicken thigh satay and from Scottish Highland burgers to freshly prepared sushi. The smoothie and cotton candy stands were in demand, and the Fabulous Shakerboys poured over 1,000 cocktails. The Timing employees went home feeling very satisfied after an evening full of entertainment and delicious bites and drinks.

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Iris Knuvers
Robin Arlar