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Service & Facilities


It has become nigh-on impossible to imagine an event without the addition of technology. The quality level of any conference or corporate festival these days stands or falls by the right use of lighting, sound, and digital support. Our aim is to take care of as many of your worries as possible, so we make sure to keep abreast of any new innovations and have all of the necessary professional equipment and staff available at our locations.


Up-to-date technical facilities

A successful conference starts with a proper foundation. As such, all of our venues have the following standard equipment:

LED lighting | Create any desired atmosphere in the blink of an eye
Save 70% on energy consumption and create any desired colour combination in the blink of an eye? The notion was music to our ears. That’s why our partner Bijman Audiovisueel installed 248 Robe Robin ParFect 100 RGBW LED light fixtures at DeFabrique. With a mere two buttons, we are able to control the light’s intensity and a colour wheel containing 237 shades, allowing us to create any desired atmosphere at our industrial location in no time, saving production teams a lot of time and effort.

HD projectors | Incredibly crisp presentations, absolutely guaranteed
With our HD projectors, incredibly crisp presentations are guaranteed! These powerful laser projectors use the latest technology and require no maintenance, allowing us to guarantee the same high quality level every single day.

Internet | Go online with the press of a single button
Internet is like tap water these days, a basic amenity for both event managers and visitors. More and more events are 100% dependent on fast and reliable Internet.

Our optic fibre Internet connection is safe and easily operated using one of our network controllers, allowing you to go online in a matter of seconds! The maximum network speed for a physical cable connection is 1 gigabit per second! Whenever you use Wi-Fi here, you connect to one of our 60 dual-radio dual-band access points with a maximum Wi-Fi speed of 450 mbits per second.

Interactive sessions, Internet for exhibitors or hackathons… Our network is ready!

Quality continuity

Adjusting lights and sound properly in an industrial location is not easy. That is why DeFabrique has been working with Bijman Audiovisueel for many years now. This allows us to guarantee that your audiovisual message will be communicated optimally using high-end lighting, visuals, and sound.

Optimal unburdening

We like to take on as many of your burdens as possible. Do you need an extra microphone or projector? Or are you dreaming of a 10-metre-wide screen for your plenary presentation? Rest assured; no matter the ask, we can take care of it for you. We would also be happy to organise an event app for you, and so, we always make sure to have a technology professional on site.

The latest developments

We like to look towards the future: what technical trends are out there that could help event managers and event agencies create added value for their clients?