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Party conference


  • 1,000 white bucket seats
  • 150 litres of tomato soup
  • 121 m2 of red carpet
  • 1,000 muffins & doughnuts
  • 90 red gerberas
  • 300 balloons

New party leader

During the SP’s 21st party conference, party leader Jan Marijnissen officially said his farewells, and Ron Meyer was elected to be his successor. Branding is an important factor for party conferences and the like, and as such, the SP’s characteristic tomato logo featured all over, ranging from banners to light projections and from red carpets to tomato soup.

About the SP

The Socialist Party (SP) is a Dutch political party of the socialist persuasion, which has been represented as part of the opposition in the Dutch House of Representatives as of May 1994.

Red all around

The party delegates walked a red carpet into the Copra Warehouse where large wooden tomatoes had been affixed to the scaffolding. Along the way, SP-themed flags, red balloons, and projections helped set the mood. Jan Marijnissen could not have imagined a greater farewell, nor could Ron Meyer have imagined a greater kick-off.

Our conference document was called 'We are going to do this', and thanks to the excellent collaboration with DeFabrique, we did.
Bram van Boven (SP Event Staff)
Bram van Boven (SP Event Staff)

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