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Lean Consultancy Group

  • 260 guests
  • 8 easels
  • 3 antique TVs
  • 260 smoothies
  • 2 market stands
  • 150 cocktail forks
  • 1 table football table

Dealing with change

Customers’ needs have never changed so often, nor so rapidly. Due to technological changes, information transparency, and innovation, organisations now need to be more flexible than ever in order to be successful. During the 2016 Lean Event, companies learned how to deal with change during inspiring workshops, and speakers from leading Dutch companies shared their own moments of success and struggle. According to the participants, the conference was educational, entertaining, and empowering!

About Lean Consultancy Group

De Lean Consultancy Group is a business consultancy agency with 'increasing people's happiness in the Netherlands' as their 50-year goal. They do so using the Lean method, because they are convinced that Lean is the way forward.

Pop-Up Museum

The theme of the 2016 Lean Event was ‘Travel with us through the world of Lean’. Guests participated in inspiring workshops and listened to great speakers such as Marc Lammers, Jos Burgers, Tony’s Chocolonely’s Henk Jan Beltman and Nienke Bloem.

They could also tour the pop-up Lean Museum in Loods 5, which utilised audio and visuals to tell the story of how the Lean philosophy came into being, featuring classic stories and the latest developments alike. At the library, guests got to flip through Lean books that played a huge role in growing the philosophy. In short, it was an inspiring place for participants who were looking for in-depth insights and background knowledge to tackle Lean themselves.

We were amazed by the opportunities afforded by DeFabrique. They pulled out all the stops to transform their edgy factory hall into an atmospheric setting for our conference, just as we had imagined.
The passionate, professional DeFabrique staff put us, the client, first and foremost; they were easy to reach, flexible, and collaborated with us creatively. This enabled us to realise a very successful event for both our clients and ourselves.
Reinko de Vries (Consultant with Lean Consultancy Group)
Reinko de Vries (Consultant with Lean Consultancy Group)

If you want more information about this event or if you are looking to organise your own event, please feel free to contact us.

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A great foundation

Whether you are going on a trip or are faced with a full day of conference presentations, a successful day starts with a proper foundation. That is why we welcomed the guests at 8:00 AM by serving them a delicious breakfast at Loods 7. The morning sunshine peeked through the factory windows as the participants enjoyed freshly baked croissants, crusty buns, and currant buns. A delicious boiled egg and fresh fruit salad rounded off the perfect start to the day.

Esther Veenendaal
Carlien Winter
Martin Bogaerds