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The Dutch Municipal Quality Institute

  • 6 market stands
  • 400 herrings
  • 16 hostesses
  • 5 Chesterfield sofas
  • 1400 traditional 'Turgbrugse koeken', a type of cake
  • 1 tourist office

Imaginary town

What kind of venue would make 1,400 public service officials that are part of the Dutch Municipal Quality Institute (KING) feel at home? Why, a local municipality, of course! That is why events agency WOP had DeFabrique turned into a life-sized village for the ‘Digital Agenda 2020 – Organising Together’ conference. In the imaginary town of Turfbrug, the focus was on creating awareness, acquiring and sharing knowledge, and joining forces at the overarching government level.

About WOP

WOP is a leading live communications agency that has been operating in the top 5 of the Dutch premier league of B2B and B2C for 15 years now. For WOP, live communication is all about 'alive and smiling'; the interface between brand, organisation, target audience or employees forms the guiding principle for each concept that WOP comes up with.

Life-sized diorama box

The ‘Copraloods‘ of 1000 m2 was turned into the imaginary town of Turfbrug, featuring a marketplace, a library, a garage and a community centre. On April 5th, over 1,400 public service officials from over 300 municipalities inhabited this life-sized diorama, milling around objects ranging up to 5 metres in height. The three-dimensional effect of the facades, hot-air balloons, and fountain added a special something to the DeFabrique catering venue.

This is the third time we have all come together to organise this conference, and yet, we are still able to challenge one another to find new ways of doing things!
Arjan Harms (owner WOP)
Arjan Harms (owner WOP)

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All of the trimmings

Turfbrug had all of the trimmings: a real major, a real local newspaper, and of course, a market! Cheese from local farmer Piet, Lijnzaat herring, fresh fruit and ‘Turfbrugse koek’; the various stalls served it all, enabling the guests to obtain enough energy for the packed whole-day programme consisting of plenary speeches and sub sessions.

Esther Veenendaal
Berber Brouwer
Martin Bogaerds