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  • 53 exhibitors
  • 1 tea garden
  • 1,500 tasting cups
  • 52 workshops
  • 6 singer-songwriters
  • 2 tea ceremonies

Summer tea

Sunshine and temperatures of around twenty-six degrees Celsius welcomed over 1,500 visitors to the second edition of the FesTEAval. The tea garden where singer-songwriters played live guitar music was a popular feature, as was the PRO zone for more advanced tea lovers. With over 55 exhibitors, the tea market at the festival was the largest one ever organised in the Netherlands. Apart a wide range of tea varieties, the visitors were also able to enjoy chocolate, coffee, beer, and wonderfully crispy cannoli.


FesTEAval is the largest tea festival in the Netherlands. The visitors get to obtain knowledge during workshops and taste varieties at dozens of stands, and turn to the relaxing tea garden to listen to wonderful music while enjoying brownies and frozen yoghurt.

Tea garden filled with music

All day long, festive, summery music was played at the edge of the babbling fountain in the tea garden. De Heren van de Thee and a number of singer-songwriters from the TV show Giel’s Talentenjacht, including Joe Buck and Flemming, entertained people of all ages as they enjoyed some refreshing Frozen Yoghurt.

This second edition of the Dutch Tea Festival was wonderfully bustling. I talked to many interested visitors, who often had great substantive questions. It is wonderful to be able to be part of this festival. It forges connections within the world of tea.
Timothy Nuijen (exhibitor for Thee van Oordt)
Timothy Nuijen (exhibitor for Thee van Oordt)

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Tasting like a pro

A new addition this year was the PRO zone featuring special workshops for the more experienced tea lovers. Workshops by the Dutch Tea Champion 2017 and other tea professionals explored various tea varieties and countries of origin in great depth. It was a massive success – so much so that the PRO zone will make a comeback next year.


Next year, the 3rd edition of the FesTEAval will take place on Sunday, April 22nd 2018.

Dutch Tea Festival
Dutch Tea Festival English
Dutch Tea Festival
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