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EMC Digital Transformation Conference

LEF marketing & events

  • 925 guests
  • 5 pop-up living rooms
  • 750 stroopwafels
  • 95 m2 blue carpet
  • 300 coffee lollies
  • 1 Chesterfield Lounge
  • 6 fire pits
  • 525 Unox sandwiches
  • 167 fruit skewers

Transformation of the IT environment

LEF marketing & events specialises in events for national and international IT companies. During the Digital Transformation Conference, experts and fellow industry professionals taught the national and international guests how to transform their IT environments and thus safeguard their future. Thanks to the wide range of demos, interactive discussions, executive meetings, and lab sessions, it was an interactive day that captivated everyone from start to finish.

About EMC

The EMC Federation consists of a number of companies and specialises in solutions for software-related companies and so-called '3rd Platform' organisations who utilise mobile, cloud, big data, or social solutions to service millions of users and applications.

Technological excellence

The focus of LEF marketing & events is on organising events and providing the necessary marketing and communications support. At an event that is all about the future of the IT industry, the organiser themselves cannot lag behind! Therefore, our technical partner Bijman Audiovisueel took on LEF marketing & events’ challenge and installed an impressive 10-metre-wide screen in the Copra Warehouse, to ensure that all of the plenary presentations would be shown perfectly.

The collaboration with DeFabrique was flexible, proactive, and professional. Our compliments to the crew! We never felt stressed, not for a moment, and that is often not the case.
Willem van Vugt (Project coordinator with LEF marketing & events)
Willem van Vugt (Project coordinator with LEF marketing & events)

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Exclusive lunch

Want to have a moment of intimate contact within the busy sphere of a large conference? We were able to provide a meaningful change of pace with an exclusive lunch for representatives of large brands. A comfortable setting had been created in Kalvermelk 1, a space that is largely submerged below street level. The three-course lunch menu, provided by Cuisine on Tour, consisted of delicious Salmon & Sauerkraut, Venison Roast, and Crème Madagascar.

Carmen Meems
Margriet Verweij
Martin Bogaerds