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Party conference


  • 900 guests
  • 6 sub sessions
  • 16 m2 of green carpet
  • 1 stand
  • 100 white tulip bulbs in a chandelier
  • 1 BBQ

Successful Party Conference

This spring, the CDA party members officially elected Sybrand Buma to be their public face for the 2017 Dutch Parliament elections. During their successful party conference, plenary sessions and sub sessions alternated, ensuring that everyone stayed focused throughout the whole day.

About CDA

The CDA is a large people's party located in the centre of the political spectrum.

National press

The CDA Spring Conference was given a special touch when Sybrand Buma was officially elected as the public face of the party for the 2017 Dutch Parliament elections. After the attendees had sung the national anthem together, the In Memoriam had been read, the statutes had been examined, and a range of topics of importance to the CDA had been discussed, the conference was concluded in a festive manner: a barbecue. The national press were in attendance as well and reported on the conference from atop dedicated stages.

CDA events at DeFabrique are always a joy to organise. I have rarely come across such an enthusiastic, professional, pleasant team. DeFabrique is in constant development; every time we come back, they've added something new, which is an improvement to our event every time. A great venue!
Marjolijn Knol (CDA Events staff)
Marjolijn Knol (CDA Events staff)

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Imposing space

The space had been set up similarly to the US Congress, resulting in nice visuals of speakers surrounded by local party members. The members were seated on chairs and stands, ensuring that the speakers could be seen by all. The live video recording was shown on several large screens, providing the various presentations with an additional dimension.

Photography was handled by Rob ter Bekke.

Carmen Meems
Berber Brouwer
Robin Arlar