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New Year's party


  • 1,040 traditional Dutch doughnuts and apple turnovers
  • 1 balloon clown
  • 650 glasses of prosecco
  • 5 tours
  • 1 mobile quartet

Toasting with the lv family

Each year, Iv-Groep organises a New Year’s party for its staff, their families, and their retired former employees. 35 babies played together at daycare, the teenagers chased one another in go-karts or wielding laser guns, and the adults enjoyed a delicious buffet and toasted to another successful year. While an orange weather alert had gone out, this year’s New Year’s gathering was definitely awarded code green by everyone involved!

About IV-Groep

Iv-Groep is a consultancy and engineering firm that operates worldwide. Their passion for technology manifests itself in their innovative, sustainable solutions, making lv-Groep the perfect partner for projects of any size or degree of complexity.

Plenty of entertainment

DeFabrique’s rugged spaces make for an adventure in and of themselves for children, let alone when they are filled with all sorts of activities! During lv-Groep’s annual New Year’s meeting, the very youngest spent their time at daycare, while slightly older children got to indulge their creativity at the Technology Factory and at the Crafts Terrace. Teenagers got to expend their energy during a bout of go-karting, laser tag, or Prison Island. In the mean time, the adults had room to enjoy their drinks and explore the venue during a tour; the event offered something for everyone!

The industrial location is perfectly suited to lv's technologically minded crowd. As such, people's responses to this start to the New Year were very positive, and the food was delicious. Thank you for your contribution to this success!
Monique Clarenbach (Executive Secretary with the Iv-Groep)
Monique Clarenbach (Executive Secretary with the Iv-Groep)

If you want more information about this event or if you are looking to organise your own event, please feel free to contact us.

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