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Mitra Specialty Liquor Stores

  • 3 worlds
  • 51 stands
  • 320 tasting glasses
  • 50 kilos of crushed ice
  • 5000 litres of alcohol

A feel for taste

We didn’t know quite where to look, listen, and direct our tasting glasses during the 2017 Mitra Retailers’ Day. Three warehouses were transformed into the perfect backdrop for an XL tasting, which saw Mitra retailers from all over the country gather to taste wines, beers, and spirits. Moreover, it was a double feast for the taste buds, because Mitra also took its retailers on a journey into the world of food pairings! 


With its extremely extensive range of alcohol, Mitra is one of the largest specialty liquor chains in the Netherlands.

XL Tasting

In line with Mitra’s motto, ‘Mitra serves more’, 51 stands were manned with various suppliers of wine, beer, and spirits. Where is a guest to start when faced with the best of three worlds? With a tasting glass in hand, the visitors got to chart their own course along the stands and immerse themselves in flavours, tastes, and stories. The more curious tasters joined the various workshops and master classes on a range of subjects, such as how to go about organising a wine tasting, or the difference between Irish and Scottish whiskey, and how to market a new beer label. All of these pressing questions and more were answered.

A perfect day for our retailers that featured delicious tastings, plenty of bites here and there, and interaction with the participating suppliers, made possible in part by DeFabrique’s ironclad organisational skills.
Sidney Foget (Categorymanager Mitra)
Sidney Foget (Categorymanager Mitra)

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A feast for the taste buds

Mitra took its retailers on a journey into the world of food pairings as well; how do you create the perfect explosion of flavours by pairing food and wine, beer, or spirits? To enhance their experience, we served an accompanying snack from a DeFabrique kitchen at every stand: meat to go with beer, ham to go with wine, and sausage to go with spirits.

Photography by: Nelianne Kroon | Nelianne Kroon Fotografie

Carmen Meems
Carlien Winter
Martin Bogaerds