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Promotion festival & fair


  • 2 days
  • 40 artist groups
  • 200 event professionals
  • 650 visitors
  • 2 tanks containing 2000 litres of water
  • 9 spaces utilised

100 performances in 2 days

Every year, programmers, agents, and event managers take their pick of a large range of (street) theatre performances to entertain their guests. In the span of two days, STRTFSTVL presented over one hundred high-quality national and international performances, making it the place to be for these professionals. Together with the public, they headed to DeFabrique in early March to enjoy street theatre, circus acts, illusionists, acrobats, and interactive theatre performances.


STRTFSTVL showcase is a two-day promotional festival and fair for street theatre, variety, circus acts, aerial acrobatics, dance and music.

See everything thanks to proper signage

With dozens of fair stands and over 100 performances divided across 9 of Defabrique’s spaces, it is easy for visitors to miss part of the programme! That is why extra attention was paid to signage, ensuring that the guests wouldn’t miss a thing.

We had a great time! The second edition of STRTFSTVL Showcase was everything we had dreamed of. A prominent location, good artists, great performances, many bookings, lots of visitors, and most of all, an amazing atmosphere. Thank you all!
Rob Vugs (Organiser of STRTFSTVL)
Rob Vugs (Organiser of STRTFSTVL)

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In the spotlights

During this two-day showcase, the artists were put in the spotlight, both literally and figuratively. Our high-tech LED lighting adapted to the various acts in no-time.

    • Photography for the event was handled by Anna Groot, Lex Hulscher, Jos de Bokx and Ronald Vos.
Esther Veenendaal
Iris Knuvers
Martin Bogaerds