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Annual Conference

Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

  • 3 worlds
  • 22 speakers
  • 46 knapsacks
  • 4 fire drums
  • 1 testing ground

Just try it!

You cannot truly know the effect of something until you have experienced it yourself; that was the motto of ‘Concept, testing ground for Event professionals’. This annual conference by the MPI trade union for event professionals in collaboration with the Dutch Eventmanagers’ Association was all about trying out new concepts, ranging from food and drink to technology and decor; all of the standard elements of any event were included.


Meeting Professionals International (MPI) is a trade union for people operating in the Meeting & Events industry.

Go ahead and taste!

Catering is one of the most important pillars of any event. As such, a large part of ‘Concept, testing ground for Event Professionals’ was focused on food and drink. Upon arrival, the guests were divided into three groups: A la Carte, Surprise/Offline, and Adventure. The latter went out carrying knapsacks to bake their own sandwiches over fire drums. The Offline group received old-fashioned lunchboxes containing personal notes, and the A la Carte guests feasted on bread pies and edible flowers in the innovation garden.

DeFabrique is a great venue with people who really anticipate your every need. It’s also thanks to them that MPI was an enormous success. Everything came together on the day, so the overall picture was perfect: the location, the decoration, the catering, the organisation, the programme, the guests, and even the weather! What more could any events organiser wish for?
Nathalie Unger-Woolley (VP Annual Conference MPI)
Nathalie Unger-Woolley (VP Annual Conference MPI)

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Food pairing is hot

The guests continued to be challenged during drinks. After a day full of workshops and presentations, their tastebuds were stimulated with a strong feat of food pairing. Noodle salads with ginger beer, brownies with cold brew coffee, and pulled pork tacos with aloe vera; all of the combinations brought out the best in both elements. This new food-pairing trend is sure to reach the events industry before too long!

Carmen Meems
Niels Roseboom
Martin Bogaerds