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  • 940m2 dance floor
  • 30 picnic tables
  • 3 horses
  • 18 workshops

Boundless inspiration

MasterPeace organised its Great Minds Meeting at DeFabrique a second time around. This conference about peace was filled to the brim with human connection, international meetings, and depth. Young people from all over the world with the passion and drive to make a difference came together at the event. There was no shortage of interesting visitors, workshops, and speakers, and two onorthodox methods were used to break boundaries: music and horses!


MasterPeace is a young, positive, international peace movement that aims to actively involve millions of people and business in reducing conflict and building peace using music, art, and events.

Conference with a twist

If any of the guests thought the Great Minds Meeting would just involve sitting and listening, they were proved dead wrong! After they arrived, the guests were immediately put to work. Why talk about peace and connection, when you can just go ahead and experience it? MasterPeacers is all about what connects people, and everyone speaks the language of music. Music mobilises and inspires, and as such, it was time to dance! The ‘Copraloods’s‘ 940 m2 was turned into a massive dance floor, and an opening dance turned out to be a good ice breaker. Filled with positive energy, the guests got stuck in with the next challenge, moving 30 picnic tables onto the floor. Obviously, it was essential for them to work together properly!

Thanks to the passion of the entire DeFabrique team and the authentic appearance of the venue, we are sure to return many times over in the coming years. Our guests awarded the entire experience, from concept to content and surroundings, with an 8 – I am immensely proud of that!
Aart Bos (Managing Director MasterPeace)
Aart Bos (Managing Director MasterPeace)

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Special guests

And one dance sure wasn’t enough. After lunch, the guests gave it another go as Diggy Dex and Roel van Velzen took to the stage. Their amazing performance provided everyone with new energy to engage in dialogue. The members of the MasterPeace network want to make a difference at the local level, in people’s streets or neighbourhoods. To inspire the guests anew for this work, 18 workshops were organised that focused on education, sustainable communities, peace, and justice. One of them featured three very special guests, namely three horses! This session was all about explaining that behavioural changes can come about in a very short amount of time. A unique approach and these three horses were used to show how you can prevent limiting patterns, let go of your baggage, and achieve the desired results by tapping into your strengths.

Photography by: Annemiek van der Kuil |

Esther Veenendaal
Berber Brouwer
Martin Bogaerds