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2016 Golden Giraffe

  • 5 golden giraffes
  • 12 golden stakes
  • 5 golden caravans
  • 4 fire pits
  • 60 m2 of red carpet

2016 Golden Giraffe Event Awards

The annual awards ceremony for the event marketing awards, the Golden Giraffe, was held at DeFabrique this year. In close collaboration with organiser EventBranche and a number of partners and sponsors, we developed a concept that the marketer attendees would surely remember for a long time to come. We like to challenge our guests in one way or another, and this time, we did so by serving an entirely vegetarian dinner.

About the Golden Giraffe

Giraffes stick their necks out to find the most succulent leaves that grow at the tops of the trees. The Golden Giraffe looks for companies and agencies that stick out their necks in much the same manner: parties that dare to market themselves or communicate their message by way of memorable experiences and live moments.

Culinary masterpieces

The Golden Giraffe is an award for organisations that create real impact. DeFabrique made a statement of its own by serving an entirely vegetarian dinner at the event. Local supplier Taste Supply provided culinary masterpieces such as tomato steak tartare and string bean carbonara. Surprising ingredients such as algae, kefir, and rosewater stimulated the guests’ senses.

Together, we abandoned all of the usual rules for an awards ceremony and truly surprised our guests. Especially when you want to venture off the beaten track, you need the collaboration between all parties involved to be perfect! DeFabrique played a key role in this process and provided the creative concept with the perfect stage.
Sjoerd Weikamp (owner
Sjoerd Weikamp (owner

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Festive caravans

After a well-attended pitch meeting that had all of the nominees tell their story to the judges at rapid-fire speed, it was time for the award ceremony. Amongst five golden caravans, Dennis Weening handed out the awards for best Internal Event, Conference, Brand Event, Business Relation Event, and Fair of 2016. Each caravan contained a spectacular surprise, ranging from a fireworks display to a lively brass band. Delinus (world’s smallest taxi) and the Feestcaravan (the smallest traditional Dutch bar in the world) also contributed to creating a very successful celebration. We are looking forward to next year’s event, once again to be held at DeFabrique!

Carmen Meems
Carlien Winter
Robin Arlar