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Public festival


  • 3,000 festival-goers
  • 3 stages
  • 900 lockers
  • 60-metre bar
  • 5 food trucks
  • 140 crew meals
  • 1 tattoo stand

Techno at DeFabrique

The first indoor edition of techno festival SOENDA at DeFabrique was completely sold out well in advance. According to organiser Elevation Events, our venue was crying out for a techno festival to be hosted there, and the 3,000 festival-goers certainly agreed! The Komodo, Java, and Soembawa stages featured various DJs going at full force. All in all, this was a public festival that will be remembered for a long time to come.

About Elevation Events

Elevation Events' Jasper and Joris Coenen consider parties to be a complete experience and want to offer visitors more than just music and dancing. The key element in all this, 'atmosphere', is reflected in their unusual, characteristic festival venues, the decorations used at their events, and the crazy promotion efforts employed before and during their events.

Rousing techno beats

Oscar Mulero, Extrawelt and Nuno Dos Santos; these are just three of the 21 DJs who lifted the crowds with their techno beats at SOENDA Indoor 2016. Elevation Events focuses on quality, not just in terms of their choice of DJs, but also in terms of sound quality. The acoustics of the Copraloods, the Perserij, and Loods 8 met every one of Elevation Event’s sound quality standards, enabling SOENDA at DeFabrique to be a smashing party.

When we arrived at DeFabrique, we instantly fell in love! This simply had to become the new SOENDA Indoor venue.
Jasper Coenen (Elevation Events)
Jasper Coenen (Elevation Events)

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Optimum use of the venue

To offer 3,000 festival-goers an optimum techno experience, you need cool spaces, but moreover, you need plenty of spaces! From the entrance at the Micromengerij, the visitors were free to roam 12 spaces of various sizes for lockers, to buy coins, have a seat, go to the bathroom, stretch their legs, have a smoke, or visit one of the 3 stages. Every space had its own characteristic appearance, in line with the atmosphere that Elevation Events holds so dear.

Photography by Èpix photography

Sybren Ophof
Thijs Megens
Melvin de Lange