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Company party


  • 1 fortune teller
  • 7 pop-up kitchens
  • 3.5-metre-high Grande Dame
  • 12 theatre benches
  • 1 Turkish shoe-shiner

Fire and fun during the Calcoparade

Nearly 500 of Calco’s IT professionals walked the red carpet during the Calcoparade, dressed in accordance with ‘boho chic’ theme. This year, the young organisation’s annual company party took the shape of a festival filled with fire and fun.

About Calco

Calco is a young, ambitious organisation that specialises in the training, secondment, and coaching of IT professionals, both those just starting out and the more experienced ones. As of 2004, Calco has helped over 1,400 (young) professionals to successful careers in IT.

Submerged in style

Lovers of bohemian like Johnny Depp and Sienna Miller would have been able to join the Calcoparade and escape notice without any trouble, because the guests had made every effort to dress accordingly. Everyone was part of the atmosphere of the parade and was transported from one surprise to the next. The entrance was the very first instance of that; to find out, the guests had to duck under a very special Grand Dame’s skirts!

Our idea was to create an amazing party with a parade theme. DeFabrique was the perfect venue for such an event! The DeFabrique team and De Evenementenadviseur continuously collaborated with us and realised an amazing evening with lots of enthusiasm. The night itself was a resounding success and ran very smoothly; all of our needs had been taken care of, and we look back on an amazing evening!
Margot Renes (Manager of Recruitment, Marketing & Communicatie)
Margot Renes (Manager of Recruitment, Marketing & Communicatie)

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A feast for the eyes

The talented IT professionals were kept continuously entertained; thanks to De Evenementenadviseur, there was plenty to do; get your shoes shined by Huseyn the Turk, or your future told by Rosa Mare. A fire breather moved through the crowds, attracting attention wherever he went, and Silo 0 was home to a pop-up casino. The Smallest Escape Room gave guests a mere 30 seconds to escape, and the Party Caravan had been set up for lovers of music to sing their hearts out. In short, the event was a feast for the eyes and ears!

Esther Veenendaal
Niels Roseboom
Martin Bogaerds