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  • 70 metres of blue carpet
  • 1 photo booth for 3D scans
  • 350 servings of cotton candy
  • 8 break-out sessions

Next Gen IT security

Blue and pink cotton candy added a sweet touch to the sixth edition of Sophos Day, and sweetness is something that the IT branch sorely lacks these days what with all of the online threats at hand! Various speakers transported the visitors to the world of Next Gen IT security at this inspiring conference. 

About Sophos

Sophos is a hardware and software manufacturer that has specialised in security products such as anti-virus software for over 20 years now.

Trends and planning

Various speakers shone a light on the future of IT security during Sophos Day. IT politician of the year, Kees Verhoeven, was up first with a presentation about a cyber-security delta plan, a safety standard for IoT, and the Dutch government’s preference for strong encryption. The next speaker, CEO Kris Hagerman, had flown over from the US to attend the event. Harm van Koppen then talked about current trends and presented an overview of new threats in the field of cyber crime. Finally, Matt Cooke expounded on the power of deep learning in an accessible manner.

DeFabrique's wonderful support, from our very first meeting right down to the day of the event itself, really lifted this day to a higher level. Their flexibility and critical eye enabled us to create the best possible Sophos Day.
Robin van Drunen (Marketing Programs Coordinator with Sophos)
Robin van Drunen (Marketing Programs Coordinator with Sophos)

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Go in-depth

Eight break-out sessions allowed visitors to go even more in-depth. They experienced what online attacks are like and how to foster consciousness of such things within their organisations. Sophos’ software solutions were presented, and guests could have a small 3D figurine made of themselves. Finally, the day was closed out with a bustling networking drinks event.

Esther Veenendaal
Niels Roseboom