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  • 430 guests
  • 1 helmsmen's café
  • 6 stages
  • 100 m2 orange carpet
  • 30 helmsmen
  • 430 swivel chairs

Doctors are at the helm once more

VvAA organised a quality conference on 22 June 2016. In accordance with the theme, ‘At the helm ourselves’, which is a Dutch saying that translates to ‘Remain masters of our destiny’; industry organisations, patient groups, and healthcare executives engaged in conversation with one another, because they want to be at the helm themselves once more and determine what constitutes proper healthcare in close consultation with patients.

About VvAA

VvAA has been a member organisation and service provider within the healthcare industry for over 90 years now. Over 120,000 medical practitioners, paramedics, medical and paramedical students, and healthcare institutes are affiliated with the association.


If you are at the helm, you set the course – as evidenced by the setup at the Copraloods during this event, which had 430 guests twisting and turning in their swivel chairs to focus on the various helmsmen (speakers) expounding from various pop-up stages. This method ensured a dynamic programme and enabled industry professionals to properly collaborate with one another.

The look of the place was great, and the setup featuring swivel chairs worked really well for this event. Various small stages had been set up in the space, which meant that the guests had to turn again and again to see the next speaker. This made the long programme more dynamic. It was a great way to add extra movement.
Laura van Neerbos (Events Coordinator for VvAA)
Laura van Neerbos (Events Coordinator for VvAA)

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Helmsmen's Café

In the run-up to the event, 30 healthcare providers reported to VvAA because they want to be at the helm to be able to determine what proper healthcare entails in close collaboration with patients. Guests were given the opportunity to sign these providers’ manifest at the Helmsmen’s Café in Loods 5. Apart from signing the petition, the healthcare professionals also got to talk to the so-called ‘helmsmen’ at the café, while enjoying a delicious drink.

Carmen Meems
Carlien Winter
Martin Bogaerds