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The Inspectorate of Education

  • 800 guests
  • 1 minister
  • 20 workshop spaces
  • 5 domes
  • 100 picnic tables
  • 50 voting booths
  • 45 students
  • 6 flip charts

Engaging in dialogue about education

Students, teachers, management, school administrators, other teaching professionals, policy makers and inspectors engaged in dialogue with one another regarding important education-related subjects during the De Staat van het Onderwijs or ‘The State of the Education System’ conference. Together, they looked for solutions to various issues. During the event, minister Bussemaker and deputy minister Dekker were presented with a book, ‘De Staat van het Onderwijs 2014/2015’ (‘The State of the Education System 2014/2015’) by inspector-general Monique Vogelzang.

About the Inspectorate of Education

The Inspectorate of Education is a Dutch governmental body that is part of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The Inspectorate of Education monitors the quality of schools, in part by performing inspections.

Everyone on the same page

Students and school directors, teachers and the minister of Education, Culture and Science; people from all layers of the world of education gathered for ‘The State of the Education System’ conference at DeFabrique. The Inspectorate engaged conference management agency HOEZO! to provide support for organising the event.

During the plenary session in the morning and the various sub sessions in the afternoon (held in exciting iglo tents known as ‘domes’, among other locations), the guests were invited to join in on coming up with solutions for various issues within the field of education, such as inequality of opportunity.

DeFabrique is flexible and results-oriented. They provided an excellent, atmospheric backdrop for the conference - it was a successful edition of this event!
Maureen Channoo (Project Leader for the Inspectorate of Education)
Maureen Channoo (Project Leader for the Inspectorate of Education)

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A special role for students

45 students played a special role during the conference. They were given the honour of presenting minister Bussemaker and deputy minister Dekker with the book ‘De Staat van de Leerling’ (‘The State of the Student’). A subsequent workshop had been organised especially for these students, and apart from all of these serious matters, there was also plenty of room for fun; the students engaged in a tough bout of laser tag in the adjoining Cart Fabrique.

Carmen Meems
Carlien Winter
Martin Bogaerds