Blog 11/09

The ultimate concept for a surprising Christmas or New Year’s Party!

Are you the one to organise your company’s Christmas- or New Year’s party this year and are you looking for a more innovative approach? With our ultimate concept for a surprising, festive night, your guests are sure to stay captivated all night!

Why throw 1 party when you can throw 4? The secret ingredient to our ultimate New Year’s party is to have your guests move to a new space several times, keeping the party surprising and your guests entertained. The most important elements of any party (catching up in a unique setting, delicious food, and dancing) are all included in the concept to make sure that your guests have a familiar basis to ground them.

This could be your alternative to a traditional Christmas party:

1. Drinks – Loods 5

ultieme concept - ultimate concept

Start your Christmas party off with delicious drinks in a jazzy warehouse dressed up for the occasion by Jan Verhuur, where Mistle Toe DJ will play vinyl records with the guests via Radio DeFabrique. We will serve wintery bites and special Christmas Gin Tonics.

2. Dinner – Loods 6

ultieme concept - ultimate concept

After one hour, invite your guests into Warehouse 6, thus far hidden, for a dinner that will feature a popup wine bar and special Christmas beer. Local butcher shop Dorresteyn will serve a delicious Christmas dinner featuring its exciting ‘Trial by fire’ concept.

3. Party – Loods 7

ultieme concept - ultimate concept

Your guests will think that this is the last stop of the evening, but nothing could be farther from the truth. After two hours at dinner, the grand doors to Loods 7 will open and the band’s rousing music will meet your guests halfway. There will be a cocktail bar and an Sweet Extreme Dessert, followed by plenty of time for dancing!

4. After Party – Silo 0

ultieme concept - ultimate concept

For those who are not yet ready to go home, there will be one final surprise. A pint-sized door to Silo 0 will open to reveal an entire club decked out in the style of Berlin’s famous club scene! The DJ will play more sensual music to allow the evening to be closed out in style with the organising committee. A last late night snack will be served to give the taste buds one last boost, and coffee to go will be served for those in need of a caffeine shot.

DeFabrique features many charateristic spaces that are linked through a variety of exciting passageways. If you are curious about the possibilities this offers for your party, please go here to schedule your site visit!