5 industrial ways to present your food and beverages

Are you organising an edgy event and looking for original ways to serve your food and drinks? DeFabrique is always trying out new ways to present F&D. How about the following ideas…

1. A moving oil drum with a search light

F&B presentatie - F&B presentation

We use these drums to serve our hot chicken meat balls with bell peppers and onions. Thanks to their wheels, the drums are easy to transport from the kitchen to the right venue.

2. Rolling Lunch

F&B presentatie - F&B presentation

We like to keep things rolling smoothly, which is why we transformed some scaffolding into a Rolling Lunch cart. How about a vegetable wrap, a pita with grilled chicken, or a boulder with brie? Your guests can simply go ahead and grab a pre-wrapped sandwich off the rolling cart, without any spills or messes: perfect for serving lots of people at the same time.

3. Robust bar

F&B presentatie - F&B presentation

Gin tonics are all the rage right now, and even more so when mixed live on site. We picked the six best varieties and will mix them up for you at our robust steel and wood Mixing Bar. We serve the classic gin tonic with lime, but also have more eccentric varieties featuring lavender and raspberry.

4. Travelling Cookies

F&B presentatie - F&B presentation

Hmmm….millionaire’s shortcake, brownies, whities, carrot cake & cherry crumble… Treats like these deserve to be presented in an extraordinary way! How about our alternative to a traditional display in the shape of a bright red tools trolley?

5. Trolley Bites

F&B presentatie - F&B presentation

A heavily laden table full of food that suddenly appears in front of you, looking and smelling delectable – we manage this feat by way of our robust trolley that we use to serve local farmer’s cheese, French Roquefort sausage, nuts, and Italian salami, and skewered pinchos with olives, peppadews, and stuffed apricots, paired with ciabatta bread and a wide variety of flavoured oils. Delicious!