News 01/11

DeFabrique celebrates 100th and 20th anniversary

This year it’s a double party at Westkanaaldijk 7! The former compound feed factory has been around for a century and DeFabrique Event Location is blowing out 20 candles. About time to celebrate the history of this impressive place.


Initiator Jan van Eck bought the old factory and to this day he is doing everything he can to lovingly restore the building. For 20 years now, event visitors have been surprised by the authentic, industrial spaces, each with their own story. Co-owner Allart van Eck: “Our guests walk around in a piece of history every day. Since the first pile was driven into the ground over a century ago, this robust building has made a difference to the environment. Laborers from Friesland came to Utrecht to work and live here. The neighborhood where they were housed is known to this day as the Utrecht Frisian neighborhood. The building has withstood wars and crises and eventually the factory, which employed 300 people, lost its function in 1996. The history of such a place simply has to be preserved and forms the basis for our daily business operations. We will continue to show the atmosphere and experience of this location, especially this year!”

“An innovative frontrunner on the edge of Utrecht for 100 years”


How is this milestone celebrated? “Sadly, due to the current status of the Coronavirus, this is still unclear. Behind the scenes we are working out plans, which we hope to bring out as soon as possible. Ten years ago we organized a special anniversary day at which local residents, employees and relations were present. With lots of activities, spectacular shows and old stories, this was a beautiful day. We hope something like this will happen again soon. We are eager to share 100 years of history!” Stay tuned and sign up below to be the first to receive the anniversary news.

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