News 04/01

DeFabrique receives golden Green Key 2018

Sustainability is the only way to keep on conducting business for future generations. Corporate social responsibility is so much more than just a trend nowadays. At DeFabrique we’re also working on a better relationship with nature and the environment. Recently, project manager operations Lisa had a proud announcement: “All our efforts have been rewarded with a Golden Green Key!”  

Green with a touch of gold

“Instead of demolishing the old mixed-feed factory, the location got a new purpose. This was our first and biggest step towards sustainability”, tells Lisa. “After a while DeFabrique was honored with the international eco-label for sustainable organizations: the Green Key.” To receive the eco-label, an organization is required to see the environment as a first consideration in multiple projects. This must be achieved without a loss in quality and comfort for the visitors. “There are three levels: Bronze, silver and gold. The inspector awarded us with the highest accomplishable level.”

gouden Green Key

Single-use plastics

To earn a Golden Green Key, DeFabrique first had to follow a checklist and test itself. Afterwards, the dutch certified non-profit organization KMVK visits and decides if you are sustainable enough to earn a Green Key. Lisa: “In 2017 we placed 334 solar panels on the roof of the Havenloods. We also believe in locally produced food and this year we’re focused on the responsible use of plastic. Together with Plastic Promise (a dutch initiative) and other environmental pioneers in the event branche we are taking our responsibility in the battle against single-use plastics.”