News 06/04

DeFabrique goes offline

The events industry is innovating at full force these days; we communicate via beacons, draw wider audiences through live-streaming, and are always online with incredibly fast Wi-Fi. We can hardly even imagine what it’s like to not be connected anymore, and yet, that is exactly what we sometimes long for – not to mention need. DeFabrique is fighting back by offering its guests a special spot to go offline for a while.

‘These days, people are ridiculously attached to our phones and even interrupt real-world conversations to look things up on our phone,’ says Sybren Ophof, commercial director of events venue DeFabrique. ‘One little ping and you’re completely distracted, which is a shame, because the best ideas, conversations, and connections arise from truly experiencing the space you are inhabiting.’

A moment away from the rat race
This is why Sybren created the Space for Space, an atmospheric space in a quiet location where people can get away from constant connectivity for a moment. ‘Leave the constant rat race for a moment and discover new sides of yourself,’ Ophof invites everyone. Put your phone down for now; there is no Wi-Fi in the Space for Space.

DeFabrique gaat offline - DeFabrique goes offline

Four guilty pleasures
For the design of the space, Ophof was inspired by four guilty pleasures, activities that many adults would love to engage in but tend not to do (anymore). Do some colouring at an old-school desk, flip through magazines while lounging in a Chesterfield, listen to classical music in a wonderfully relaxing suspended chair, or swing on a rope swing.

DeFabrique gaat offline - DeFabrique goes offline

Offline, the new luxury
Ophof is not the only one wanting to go offline every once in a while. He has observed the rise of a new crowd of people who considering ‘being offline’ to be the latest luxury. For example, the old Nokia 3310 model was re-released at the start of this year. DeFabrique is ready to receive this new crowd of people. ‘For all guests who want a moment of peace, we now have our Space for Space. And just like the Nokia 3310, it has no Internet connection.’

DeFabrique gaat offline - DeFabrique goes offline