News 22/05

Recap: Dazzling HOMIJ staff party organised by D&B Eventmarketing

During the HOMIJ Technische Installaties company party on May 21st, the company’s employees and management set off in a new direction together. The event was organised by D&B Eventmarketing, and the theme was ‘our DNA in every building’. HOMIJ wants to change its approach, focusing on the following aspects: Active, Involved, Comfort and Sustainable.

At our mixed feed factory, HOMIJ and its employees went on an exciting, inspiring, innovative journey to explore the interpretation of this new role. At the company party at DeFabrique, the employees got to search, taste, break through walls, and view new technological developments. There was an additional surprise for the employees as well; the department managers put on a show, and then the event was followed by an incredible after party.

Watch the video to get an idea of what the event was like!