News 01/12

KLIK is the new ‘like’

Bringing people closer together and providing them with genuinely useful information; that is what KLIK is for. This award-winning wearable from Canada was tested by over 2,000 visitors during the Accenture Innovation Awards (AIA) at DeFabrique.

Only a select few of the many possibilities afforded by KLIK were tested during the leading annual innovation fair. The new technology powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) not only registered which sessions the guests attended and for how long, but also enabled them to ‘like’ certain speakers and seasons. 

Valuable insights

The traceable visitors resulted in valuable insights for the event’s organiser and the exhibitors. Accenture was able to see which parts of the programme were well attended and received positive assessments, which connections were made, and how busy the registration desk was at any given time. Based on this information, Accenture was then able to send the participants targeted follow-ups, guaranteeing high open rates and click rates!

Optimally involved users

At the same time, the visitors soon got the hang of and started enjoying gathering knowledge and establishing contacts with a single press of a button. The fact that they themselves have to press the button makes for a valuable addition to existing technologies, because it ensures optimum user activation. One press of a button allows them to exchange their digital business cards or make people’s name tags flash certain colours during a programme element so that they can see at a single glance what kind of background the other visitors have and who to talk to.

Short queues

KLIK’s technology is hidden in a wearable button, badge, or bracelet. (Name) badges were chosen for AIA 2017, as networking constituted an important element of the event. Due to the fact that guests were able to register up front, the activation process at the registration desk took a mere 30 seconds per visitor.The fair’s organisers were very pleased with the short queues and will be able to create a convenient forecast for next year using the data gathered. 

Connecting people

While technology usually has the tendency to disturb the interaction between people, KLIK’s most important objective is to bring users in contact with one another. As users can use their wearable to collect information and receive a timeline containing all of the connections they made and all of their ‘likes’ after the event, they have no reason to get out their phones. This is how KLIK delivers on its payoff to ‘get back to human connections’.

Organising your event in a cleverer manner, involving your visitors more, and making successes visible. KLIK allows you to do all this, quickly and conveniently. Want to know more? Feel free to stop by, we’d love to tell you all about it!